Infrastrcture Data

Resources for the Built Environment.

This information can be used to figure out the type of roadways around you, find information on speeding conditions and congestion, learn about active projects on the roadways near you, and more.


Great resource for looking at spatial data without installing software or messing with datasets. On an easy to use webmap, overlay tax parcels (find out who owns that vacant lot), road names, education facilities, physical boundaries, shorelines, wetlands, historical satellite imagery, and more.

Maryland Comprehensive Road Centerlines

GIS layer of roadways in the state. Also, see my guide for information about how to take the open portal crash data (on my traffic crash data page) and generate an ID to link the crashes to the roadway.

Baltimore City Speed Camera Locations

Maryland Statewide Traffic Cameras

Live feeds of the traffic cameras around the state.


Get live speed data, traffic incidents, road closures, route restrictions, and more all in one place.

MDOT Consolidated Information Pages

Contains tons of information (transportation, safety, congestion, freight, demographics, air quality) for every jurisdiction in the state, all together on one page in a dashboard format. Good item to load up on a tablet and take to meetings for background information.

Roadway Responsibility

Learn who manages your road maintenance and projects.

State Highway Administration Active Projects

Active state transportation projects.

Active Traffic Incidents and Events (State Highway)

Traffic Volume for Roadways

This goes back to 2011. Not all roadways are here but it is a great amount. Overlay with crash data to get rate of crashes on a road.

SHA Projects Database

Obtain the nitty gritty details behind all the projects approved by SHA in the state. Good for identifying whether any effort has been made to address conditions on the road you are interested in. Someone needs to scrape this site and turn it into a database.

Maryland Planning Cadastre

This is the Maryland land cover classification raster dataset. it was developed by the Chesapeake Conservancy as part of the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership’s High-Resolution Land Cover Classification project. Classifies the type of land cover throughout the state.

Speed Limits

Speed limits on many Maryland roads.


Detailed information on not just roads, but sidewalks and more. Edited by the community ala Wikipedia.

Maryland Land Use/Land Cover

More data on landcover in Maryland.